Other Mother Tongue

is an invitation-project; 

A call for a dialogue with language beyond Mother tongue / Father tongue

Other Mother Tongue, transcribed in Hebrew lettersis a constant gesture of translation. Otherness in language 

is the heart and origin of the invitation-project. 

Founders of אָתֶ׳ר מָאתֶ׳ר תָּאנְג

Tamar Feldberg, Marlow, UK.

Tamar is a Hebrew poet and an architect. 

Merav Givoni Hrushovski, Oxford, UK. Merav is a Hebrew poet and a graphic designer. 

Anat Messing Marcus, Cambridge, UK. Anat has a PhD in philosophy and literature from University of Cambridge. 

We thank Yael Pilowsky Bankirer for her contribution to the project in its early stages.

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